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Tuesday, January 5 2021

Flexible classroom for flexible learning

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Flexible classroom is a term that sounds a bit mysterious, at least at first glance. In addition, such a design of a space for learning was created with contemporary challenges in mind. First of all, it was about the visible individualisation of the student. Moreover, the teacher does not become the sole agent of the study materials. He is a more good spirit, an advisor who supports the student and monitors his progress. In this post, we wonder why the mentioned concept is so popular with teachers.

The Mobile Classroom - Breakthrough Benefits Hard to Get

The presented idea has many advantages. Above all, it creates impressive opportunities in terms of open forms of teaching. This term means, for example, an educational walk and workshop work. Nevertheless, the advantages of a mobile lecture hall are visible not only in technical or natural science classes. Undoubtedly, this idea requires not only creative individual or group work, but also a discursive discussion during which students discuss a specific issue. What is especially important goes hand in hand with the design of the study room, the right atmosphere and the right place to sit. As a result, this concept also promotes an individualized approach to students. Moreover, both the independence of children and the pool of their communication skills increases.

Examples of suitable interior design elements suggested by the mobile classroom

The offer created by InsGraf Digital includes various types of products. As a result, a flexible classroom is extremely welcoming and functional, reflecting student performance. More news.

An example worth mentioning is the Emil double table with electric height adjustment. This complex name conceals a piece of furniture that can be intuitively adapted to a specific educational situation. This way you have the opportunity to use varied and rich lesson ideas. At the same time, he is not worried about the practical scope of the consequences of his didactic creativity. It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with traditional classroom work or learning by playing. However, the nature of the lesson does not have a significant impact on the optimal external circumstances of teacher-student cooperation.

The second example is a 360 degree table. The functionality of this piece of furniture is simply impressive. This inconspicuous cone can be used in various ways. You can work comfortably while standing on the table top provided. In addition, thanks to the built-in socket, you can operate various types of electronic devices.

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