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Tuesday, January 5 2021

3 examples of using acoustic panels at home

architectural-2768_640.jpg, Jan 2021

Acoustics are appreciated in the recording studio because the music should have the right sound. In an open plan office, so that employees do not disturb each other. So why use acoustic panels in private rooms? 3 examples show interesting possibilities.

See the movie campaign for yourself
Today's home theater music system enables you to experience adventures in your own home. The sounds seem so real that you feel as if you are directly participating in the scene. The hero is standing a few meters away from us. Or we hear an enigmatic sound coming from the corner of the living room.

To feel the atmosphere of the movie this way, you need a home theater music system. But if the room lacks soundproofing, then it is useless. The reverberation will destroy the sound effects and the cinematic experience will lose its value. The solution is to mount acoustic panels on the wall and ceiling. The sound will support the visual effects. The convenience of using the cinema will increase.

Work comfortably in your home office
Printers, phone calls, office calls - they all disrupt your work. In addition, the neighbors are renovating his apartment, washing the washing machine, children are noisy around the table and in the end you cannot hear your own thoughts.

A space where you focus only on work is desirable. Or at least one free-standing element that muffles sounds. Acoustic panels are good for this:

Improve the working atmosphere
Increase speech intelligibility during a phone call
Flexible elements can be freely configured
Acoustic panels also have an additional advantage: they can be manufactured according to customer requirements and thus fit harmoniously into the room. Design fans will surely appreciate it.

Sleep undisturbed
Children play the violin? The parrot is making noise? A partner is renovating old furniture, what does using noisy machines require? Acoustic panels can be easily installed in a room such as a bedroom. In this way, they create a space where well-being is paramount. No noise from rooms where other roommates are involved in any activity.

Which acoustic panels to choose?
Correct installation of acoustic panels requires specialist knowledge and good advice. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals right away. Thanks to many years of experience and many satisfied customers, Addictive Sound is an expert in the industry. The choice and possible variants guarantee that you will find exactly what suits you best. Look at you.