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Tuesday, January 5 2021

An alternative way to travel

We often flinch when traveling by plane or train. If we like to do everything ourselves, the return Portuguese car trip could be something for us. You don't have to worry about check-out dates, check-in times or meals. So you are the master of your time. But these are not all the advantages of this alternative form of travel. This is a proposal for people who do not like to feel embarrassed, do not want to waste time planning trips and arrivals. We don't have to pay too much for a hotel and lots of unnecessary amenities. In a Portuguese round trip by car, we have everything we need. Of course, you can also visit Portugal by traditional means of transport, but only visiting Portugal by car will provide you with a real adventure.

Advantages of this type of trip
The first advantage is comfortable mobile homes that you can use yourself at any time. The car has a bathroom, a kitchen with all the equipment necessary to prepare a meal, a bedroom with two double beds and a dining room. Thanks to a trip with a cameraman, you can visit every corner of Portugal at any time. From now on, you can be where you like best, even on a romantic beach. You can always be in nature, enjoy more moments of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of cities and villages.

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